Hard Work Champions!
   Every day I work with, or hear about, a student who has worked hard to accomplish great things.  Maybe they kept going and finished a long book, even when they were tempted to quit.  Maybe they practiced and practiced and almost made it onto the select soccer team in their area...or maybe they made it!  Or, maybe they were determined to learn all of the multiplication facts this summer and they did!  Or was it a lemonade stand from which they gave all the  proceeds to someone  who was hurting?  Often the kids who display so much behind-the-scenes effort, perseverance, and courage-to-keep-going aren't the ones recognized in the crowd.  But you see it, and you couldn't be prouder!
  With the hope of cheering these kids on, and recognizing many others like them, we've added a Hard-work Champions honor board to our site.  To protect confidentiality we'll just display the child's first name, last initial, and the state where their from.  Then we'll share what you submit, telling how they've worked hard to achieve great things!

  So, it's with great pleasure that we share our  Hard work Champion...

                         Eric T. from Oregon!!
Fourth grade has been pretty challenging, and although tempted to quit on his science report this fall, he just wouldn't let himself give up.  As a result he recently finished his study of birds smaller than his thumb.  He also found two birds he'd learned about, a pair of Allen's Hummingbirds nesting in his backyard, and wrote a report on them for extra credit.   Way to go Eric!
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